Pandora’s Box is a new mystery box in Second Life. Unlike others, Pandora’s centers around the gothic and alternative style and all its subcultures.

–> Time Line <–

Subscriptions open on the 6th of each month

The initial subscription is priced at $L1500 per group join.
This price is non-refundable, and you MUST stay in the group until the box is released. Any accidental leaving on your part is -not- covered by us.

Pandora’s Box is released to customers on the 22nd of each month.

After the initial release, subscription will increase in price to $L2500.

Past boxes will be made available on the marketplace at the increased price of $L2500.

Group will close in preparation for the new round on the 30th of each month. So do not stress when you are automatically removed. It only makes way for the new month.

–> Further Information <–

Those that buy-in to the group, will recieve the Pandora’s Box HUD on the 22nd of the month. All you have to do is simply click the designer logos to receive their item.

A full participating designer list + round theme will be released in a timely manner, so those that wish to purchase Pandora’s Box will have an idea of what they will be getting.

Please follow this blog to see any sneak peaks and full item previews (once the box is released, of course)


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